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10 Ways to Stay Cool Without an Air Conditioner

With temperatures rising year after year we’re no doubt in for another scorching summer. We have produced 10 simple ways to keep cool this summer that you can do today.

Become a fan of fans

Electrical fans use between 1/25th and 1/50th the energy of a reverse cycle air conditioner. Keeping one on most of the day isn’t going to greatly alter your electricity bill, and good positioning can keep you relatively cool. Use the oscillating mode at night to help avoid overexposure while you’re sleeping.

Another neat trick is to keep a spray bottle on hand and give yourself a little spritz every now and then. For absolute best results, half fill a tub or bucket with water and place both feet in it. Take your shoes and socks off first, of course.

Turn your ceiling fans counterclockwise

This will suck up all the hot air, leaving cooler air to replace it. Strategic direction of floor fans or artfully opened windows will keep the breeze flowing. Experiment with positioning based on the layout of your house.

Cotton on to lightweight bedsheets

Balmy summer eves are perfect for romantic walks along the beach but slipping between the sheets can leave you hot and heavy. Thread count has less to do with your summer comfort then the actual material the sheets are made from. Pack away the fitted satin and invest in some quality cotton sheets for breathable bedtime bliss.
This philosophy extends to the clothes you wear as well. 100% cotton garments are more breathable than polyester blends. Make smart fashion choices during the summer and you’ll feel more comfortable all through the holidays.

Nature’s own air conditioner

Got a breeze flowing but it’s not cool enough to keep you dry? Dampen a spare sheet and hang it by the window. The air will cool noticeably as the air passes through the sheet. Just a little life hack for coping with another hot  summer.

Keep a cold pack or two in the freezer

Seasoned summer veterans know a great way to expedite an emergency cool down is to keep cold packs ready to use in the freezer. Feel that midday heat wave coming on? Wrap the pack in a light tea towel and place it on your feet, the back of your neck or on the wrists and move it around occasionally. These are also useful for any injuries during the backyard cricket summer series.

Plan for future cool

Insulation in your ceiling and around your windows will help lower the average temperature of your home. It might take a while for them to grow, but planting trees in the yard will provide shade from sunlight both indoors and outdoors. Investing in awnings and sun safe window blinds will also help. Finally, turn that underused basement into the perfect summer rumpus room. It’s always that little bit cooler underground.

Cover up your windows

Sunlight coming in through windows and glass doors is the biggest cause of rising household temperatures. External window protectors are a good solution, with internal coverings also keeping the house warmer in winter.

Close off unused parts of the home

If your dining room attracts a lot of morning sunlight keep the doors into the rest of the house closed and eat breakfast in the kitchen instead.
When the sun has set open up the house up to promote air flow. Lowering the ambient temperature of your home overnight can go a long way toward staying cooler for longer during the day.

Water the bed

In extreme cases dampening a large towel and placing it on your feet and legs while you sleep can help manage nighttime heat. You might want to tuck a dry towel underneath to prevent water damage to the mattress. Check the evening temperature as well. If it falls rapidly overnight where you live you might want to avoid this strategy.

Make the most of the evenings

Sustained rising temperatures is what leads to hotter days in the summer. The same goes for your house and even your body. Taking advantage of cooler hours to get busy chores done is a surefire solution to managing your own body heat. Similarly, if you work or study from home then shut up the house and relocate to the library where everyone shares in a single aircon system.

Staying cool is easy this summer

Using these 10 tips will make it easy to keep cool this summer on a budget. Or if you simply cannot bear the heat, we can help you out with a new air conditioning unit, with new technology they might not be as expensive as you think to run! Call us at 215-342-4353 to find out about our summer deals for keeping cool.

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