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From statewide power outages to the dreaded dimming lights around the home, power outages can be caused by several different factors.

Let’s look at some of the most common, and what steps you should take to avoid damage to yourself and property.

Faulty circuit breakers

Overloaded power boards

Electrical storms



Types of power outages in Philadelphia and surrounding areas

 – Brownouts

A ‘brownout’ occurs when the supply of electricity temporarily drops in voltage. Brownouts are sometimes intentional, used by technicians to avoid overloading. Unintentional brownouts occur when there is a voltage dip (sometimes referred to as voltage sag) caused by a short circuit or overload. A brownout is usually identified by the dimming of lights in the homes along the street.

 – Blackouts

Blackouts are essentially complete power loss within a defined area. Blackouts usually last minutes or hours but can continue for weeks if the root cause is not identified or can’t be solved. A prolonged blackout can leave residents in a community without access to power and cause significant disruption to businesses and public services.

 – A permanent fault

Usually caused by a fault on the power line, a permanent fault is when there is a massive loss of power to the serviced area. Despite the name, permanent faults aren’t that permanent, and power is usually restored once the line fault is cleared.

What should I do if there is a power outage?

It pays to be aware of your environment and why a power outage might have occurred.  The first thing you should do is identify if the power outage is local to your residence or place of business. If a blackout is affecting the neighborhood, there’s not much you can do except break out the candles and a deck of Uno and wait for the professionals to take care of it.

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