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Linc Electric installs and repairs standby and emergency generators throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Standby generators can restore your electrical power in under a minute if the electricity has gone out. Get peace of mind with a fully functioning standby, backup generator and you won’t have to worry about electrical storms, brownouts or blackouts.

Consequences of Electrical Failures

  • Air conditioning loss (mold buildup)
  • Food loss (thousands of dollars in lost food)
  • Heat loss (bursting pipes)
  • Sump pump loss (flooded basements)

Brand Name Generators in Philadelphia and surrounding areas

At Linc Electric, we install top-of-the-line generators from Generac and Kohler. The benefits of these modern machines include:

  • Clean, smooth power – True Power technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics.
  • Convenient, hands-free operation – No fueling, manual start or extension cords.
  • Easy installation – A pre-wired, pre-packaged system.
  • Incredibly quiet – One-third the sound level of a portable generator.
  • Long-running, long-life operation – The Generac OHVI engine is built for high-demand generator use.
  • Powerful output – Higher outputs for greater starting power.

Professional Generator Services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas

  • Acquiring any necessary permits and getting the final, approved inspection.
  • Purchase your generator on your behalf.
  • Construction of a concrete pad to set your generator.
  • Installation of the generator and its automatic transfer switch.
  • Various testing to ensure your new generator is operating correctly.

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