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Local Licensed Electrician for Code Violations in Chester County, PA


Licensed Electrician for Electrical Code Violations Corrected in Chester County, PA

From circuit overloads and incorrect wiring sizes to hardware upgrades and damaged connections, Linc Electric can get your unsafe or hazardous home or building environment back up to code. We’ve been providing electrical code violation corrections to our local customers for over 25 years in Bucks County and surrounding towns.

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Common Electrical Code Violations in Chester County, PA

Your home may have violated one or many electrical codes. Common electrical code violations that require professional service include:

  • Faulty electric panels
  • Safety violations
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Electrical hardware upgrades
  • Damaged or exposed cables
  • Poor electrical connections
  • Exposed wires

No matter what the violation is, Linc Electric is here to help.

Code Correction Services in Chester County, PA

At Linc Electric we provide a wide range of electrical code violation correction services including:

  • Identifying and labeling circuits in circuit breaker box
  • Correctly grounding electrical equipment
  • Insulating exposed wires
  • Replacing or removing exposed wires
  • Fixing reverse polarity circuits
  • Reducing overloaded breakers
  • Adding more circuits or outlets
  • Properly securing wires        

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Schedule your electrical safety inspection today to make sure your home is code compliant.

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