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Local Licensed Electrician for Burning Smells in Delaware County, PA


Licensed Electrician for Emergency Electrical Burning Smell in Delaware County, PA

Unless you’ve left your toaster on for a few seconds too long, a burning smell inside your house may be a warning sign of something far worse than burnt toast.  An issue causing a burning smell in Delaware County, PA from an electrical outlet could ruin your valuables and potentially cause an electrical fire in your home.

If you sense the smell of burning plastic or rubber coming from one of your electrical outlets, don’t ignore it.

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Reasons For a Burning Smell From an Outlet in Delaware County, PA

There are several reasons a burning smell may be coming from an electrical outlet in your home, and none should be overlooked. Here are few of the most likely culprits.

  • Exposed wire
  • Damaged or improperly installed wiring
  • Circuit overload
  • Something caught in box (from loose insulation to a mouse!)

What to Do When You Smell an Outlet Burning in Delaware County, PA

When you detect a burning smell in your home, you may have to do some sniffing around to locate the exact outlet the odor is coming from. Once you’ve found the outlet, turn off the electricity supply to that area from the breaker box after unplugging anything plugged into the outlet.

At this point, you need to contact Linc Electric so we can make sure that you and your home are safe from any possible electrical fires or damage. Our experienced electricians will be able to diagnose the cause of the odor and solve the problem safely and effectively.

Other Warning Signs in Delaware County

In addition to a burning smell coming from your electrical outlet, you may also notice other signs of an electrical issue. These include discoloration of outlet covers, a tingling sensation when you plug in an electrical device, a sizzling or popping sound coming from the outlet and the outlet being hot to touch.

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