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Many of today’s homes operate with inadequate electrical support for their newer, increasingly sophisticated electrical appliances and technology.  Linc Electric serving Bucks County, PA is here to help you decide how to determine whether you home or business may need an upgrade.

Amperage measures the total electrical current that can be continuous at any one time and place. When more amperage is transmitted across electrical wires than circuits can manage, circuit overloads happen. Your home office for example, may require a dozen or more electrical connections including computer, monitor, laptop, printer, keyboard, desk lamp, telephone, fax, and scanner.

Let Linc Electric help you with your decision to make sure your home and all areas are appropriately wired for everything you want to do. Your safety is always our priority.

Upgrade to 100 AMP Service Panel

Replacing your amp panel is not a DIY project. If it goes out, you need to hire a professional to repair or replace it.

Older homes typically need 100 amp panel replacement. When you replace your 100 amp panel, our trained master electricians can repair old wiring and add a copper grounding pole.

When you replace your circuit breaker box, avoid using reconditioned breakers found online or in local supply stores. These should be avoided because they won’t pass inspection. Only original 100 amp panels will pass inspection.

Upgrade to 200 AMP Service Panel

Replacing a 200 amp panel is not a do-it-yourself project. If your panel goes out, you must hire a professional to repair or replace it.

Advantages to upgrading to a 200 Amp Service Panel.Safety –

A chief benefit of an upgraded service panel is increased safety. Electrical systems made 30-40 years ago are more prone to electrical failure. These older systems were designed to provide about 30 amps of power. They simply weren’t made to meet the power demands of today’s modern home, which run towards 100-200 amps. As more electrical demands are placed on an outdated system, the greater the likelihood of electrical overload or fire. A new 200 amp service panel, however, reduces the strain on an existing electrical system, decreasing these safety risks.

Flexibility –

An upgraded 200 amp panel provides much more flexibility than an older system. For homeowners who feel a twinge of anxiety when they run two or more devices for fear of the power going out, a 200 amp panel has the capacity to put your mind at ease. It will also give you room to grow as you add appliances and devices to your home.

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