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We all know that warm air rises, thus making your attic warmer than the rest of the house. At Linc Electric, we install high-end fans to cool off your attic and lower its overall temperature. Additionally, keeping your attic cooler will considerably lengthen the life of your roof by preventing heat from damaging it. You’ll also receive added ventilation in the winter.

  • New Attic Fan Installation in less than 3 hours
  • Very cost Effective & Affordable
  • All Work comes with a 2 year warranty – up to 5 years on parts

Why an Attic Fan in Philadelphia County, PA

The attic is an oppressive source of unwanted warm weather heat that penetrated to the living area. A poorly vented attic can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees!

As the attic air heats up, it expands. The expansion makes it so that the heated air can’t escape quickly enough through the ridge, soffit, or end vents, even in new homes with up-to-code ventilation.

A Priority for Insulated Attics in Philadelphia County, PA

No matter how insulated your attic may be, it can still trap in pressurized hot air. Even if you have a powerful HVAC system, it may be working overtime to cool off this warmer attic air. You might as well just have your windows open. But with a professionally installed attic fan from Linc Electric, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues.

Affordable Attic Fans in Philadelphia County, PA

All our attic fans are very affordable and cost effective. A new installation can be completed in under three hours. Additionally, all our work is covered by a 2-year warranty, with coverage up to five years on all parts.

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